About the Author

T. L. Brown, who writes under the pen name (T.L. Browning) was born in the warm summer month of August in South Mississippi. She grew up in the small quiet town of State Line, MS.  A place where everyone knows everybody.  Where the cool Fall breeze whistles along the branches of the tall pine trees.  A relaxing place it is, for your mind to roam free and your thoughts run wild, while smelling fresh-cut grass for miles.  A place where a cold glass of ice tea never tasted so good,  and a nap, sitting in a rocking chair comes natural.  A place of love, a place of struggle, a place of faith, and most of all, a place of strength.  A place I call home.

T.L. Browning (Author)



T.L. Brown began writing “Jai’Diah” as a (very) short princess story for her daughter who came face to face with severe self-esteem issues. T.L. Browning  wrote  “Jai’Diah” in hopes that her daughter would love herself unconditionally. While writing, Browning had numerous dreams about her story, as a result it grew into a heartfelt novel that teaches the importance of love, compassion, faith, forgiveness, and strength.

Investing more than two years into this amazing story, T.L. Browning’s novel “Jai’Diah” has come forth.  Throughout life’s tragedies and heart breaks, T.L. Brown has never given up. She poured her heart, heartaches, passion, and love into “Jai’Diah”.  “Jai’Diah” is a novel that touches the soul of all humanity; unbottling every emotion and to know “Jai’Diah” is to love her.





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